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Mike Van

Michael never dreamed of winning the 17th largest jackpot in online history, but he did, and now his bank account is looking very attractive. Michael said “I randomly saw an ad on Facebook and just thought, what the heck, So I put in €269 (my lucky number!) and just had a great time!”. His real luck might have been starting at a time when the online casino was doing their once a month special bonus offer.

By taking advantage of these “deposit bonuses” he was able to get many more free spins. It turned out he only needed a few of them, as he hit the win of a lifetime within a few short hours. As if the jackpot wasn’t surprising enough, what happened next SHOCKED everyone.

Shawna Mitchell says “I was always sweet to Michael in High School because I knew he was a great guy, smart, and had everything going for him.” So, they stayed in touch. It just so happened that she came home from college the day after Michael’s big win, and texted him to see if he wanted to get coffee. Needless to say, he treated her to coffee that day. “Shawna is my dream girl, so getting to share this tremendous news and spend time with her without having to worry about work or paying bills has been a blessing. After taking her on a vacation, we both just realized we were falling for each other, and the rest is history!”

Novice players and high rollers like Michael have long taken advantage of these types of deals.

It’s safe to assume that Michael used this promotion to his advantage and hit it big…